Clark/Dixon Architects

Chucalissa Archaeological Site & Museum


This stabilization project for the prehistoric Indian village involved two components: 1) Rebuilding the eroding riverbank using concrete-filled burlap bags, a more traditional, historically accurate method and 2) Restoring and stabilizing an excavation trench dug by The University of Memphis in the 1950s. Extremely sensitive and meticulous methods had to be used throughout both projects, particularly the excavation trench, as prehistoric Indian artifacts were unearthed throughout the process. Clark/Dixon also developed a master plan to aid the museum’s fundraising effort to restore the historic site to its original character as a village where thousands of Native Americans, known as the Mississippian Tribe, lived. Chucalissa continues to serve as the gathering site for Native American powwows and The University of Memphis’ archaeological teaching classroom and repository for collected artifacts by the State of Tennessee.

Project Details

Comprehensive Architectural & Engineering Services for Master Plan:        Gifted

Completed:            Ongoing

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