Clark+Associates Architects

National Guard Armory – Trenton Readiness Center


The scope of work for the project included removal of the existing metal roof system and replace with new metal roof system, new flashing on parapet walls, waterproofing masonry wall extensions, replacing wet insulation and wall flashing on facade lower roof, and all interior repairs required to repair leak damage including ceiling tile replacement, wall repairs, painting and floor coverings.

A new metal roof system, designed and approved for installation on low roof slopes, was installed on a new leak barrier membrane over the insulated nail base insulation. Ventilation of the roof system was provided by continuous eave vents, hip and ridge vents, and a continuous vented curb installed at the base of the wall between the high and low roofs. The wall between the high and low roofs was covered with metal wall panels to ensure the weather tightness of the roof and wall assembly. Interior repairs to the building included repairs to the lobby, ceiling, painting of walls, replacement of ceiling tiles, carpet replacement, etc.

Project Details

Completed:                  1994

Cost:                            $1,500,000