Clark/Dixon Architects

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office


Serving as Project Architect for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in the design and construction of the Range Operations Building and Firing Range. The site is located at Shelby Farms in along the Wolf River in the area adjacent to the flood plain of Shelby Farms. One of the many challenges of the design was to make the structure accessible while still being above the flood plain.

The building consists of approximately 8,000 square feet of operational space that includes offices, classrooms, a conference area, reception area, restrooms, locker rooms with showers, vaults, an armory, and storage areas. The operations building is partially seated on an elevated earthen surface and partially stilted to allow for storage of grounds maintenance and other equipment under the protection of the structure itself. The approach of the building is a gradually elevated drive to allow access to and from the structure even if substantial flooding were to occur.

The firing line provides an elevated control tower, the required safety structures, and lane barriers for 35 firing points. This range will serve to accommodate the needs of the Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other area law enforcement agencies throughout the region.

Project Details

Under Construction
Projected Completion: Fall 2014

Cost: $3,220,000

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